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Part 1, Project 2, Exercise 3- Creating Shadow Using Lines & Marks (p24)

Experimentation with different drawing tools to create different grades of tone using different marks.


Some drawing tool/mark combinations are more successful than others at creating tone although I hesitate to say which ones work and which don’t as I suspect that this would be determined by the style of a drawing- some would be more appropriate than others in different contexts.

I also experimented using various methods to create shadow in a simple drawing of a paracetamol box:



I felt some methods of hatching had to be used carefully to avoid the drawing becoming flat and lifeless- hatching/ cross-hatching could easily become either too perfect and contrived or messy.

I also used a few different mark styles to experiment drawing a spherical object:


Black artist pen on A2 mixed media 250gsm paper.  I was interested to see if I could draw a more challenging subject using just hatching/ cross-hatching to create shadow/tone whilst trying not to draw outlines.  The form is suggested only by levels of tone and shadow.  The boxes with the ribbon were a combination of items I found discarded in this arrangement in the bathroom- they looked very natural together and I liked the fact they are predominantly white with just the stripes on the box to give interest .  I drew them in natural light (from top right) so the shadows are subtle and not strongly defined.


Black artist pen on A3 cartridge paper.  Similarly, this is a drawing of two clear plastic disposable cups I had recently washed (they still have a few droplets of water on them).  I started by outlining using mainly intermittently spaced dots, then added the most obvious shading (cross-hatching) and finally adding finer details.  Again, I tried not to use lines to outline the objects- rather to suggest their form by concentrating on representing the light, shade and reflections on and around them.  I like the resulting effect.