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Part Two; Project 3; Exercise 2 Detail and Simple Line (p45)

Select a natural object with interesting detail and, using a black fibre-tipped pen or a similarly ‘non-expressive’ tool to create a simple line drawing on a sheet of A4 paper. Where necessary, add a few marks and lines to position it within a believable environment.Concentrate on the object and, as far as possible, do a continuous line drawing.

Red onion- Black ink pen on A4 cartridge paper.  For this exercise I chose to draw half a red onion using a V7 pilot black writing pen.  I loved this exercise, I felt free to create a random line (I avoided straight lines and used stumbling and squiggles as much as possible) and just kept building up texture and depth of tone by working over the darker areas more and more to create contrast.  It was a little like gently stroking the onion and I felt increasingly sensitive to it’s contours, highlights and patterns as the picture developed.  I was very pleased with the result.  I had started the picture in the car but later put the onion on a chopping board with a knife to finish it off and to create a background and context.  As suggested in the course notes I was impressed by how a simple line flowing across  paper can so effectively create the impression of three dimensions.