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Part One; Project 1- Exercise 1- expressive Lines and Marks

Project 1/ Ex 1- Expressive lines and marks

Media used-

  • Black oil pastel
  • Bamboo pen and black ink
  • Willow Charcoal
  • Pencil (3B)

1. ANGRY- like a release of raw energy. Lines were made quickly, fiercely  and energetically in every direction without thought or planning. Lots of angles and harsh lines- a very physical expression of the emotion. Lots of ink blots and stabs into the paper by the pen&ink- very satisfying. Charcoal kept breaking- very unsatisfying! Only pen&ink and oil pastel created black lines- charcoal and pencil were shades of grey.


2.CALM- Marks were considered and gentle and created slowly and gently.  Gentle curves and curling lines   A natural rhythm developed- particularly in the last two panels (charcoal and pencil) where I enjoyed the sense of space.  I relaxed as I worked.


3. SAD- I was inspired to make simple short stabbing spiky lines of graduated intensity like the stem of a tick.  Pencil and oil pastel made unsatisfying marks, while charcoal felt very expressive of the emotion.  I enjoyed the sense of creating ink-blot tears using the pen&ink.


4. JOY- This felt like the release of a giggle!  Curly, fun, wiggly marks like the explosion of laughter & happiness.  I was interested to reflect that joy can also feel like elation which would need large expanses of paper to make huge circling marks… like the soaring of a bird!


Reflection: I was struck by how  some media were particularly satisfying in expressing particular feelings, while the same or other media were better for expressing different emotions.  The exercise was a surprisingly physical and visceral experience.  Looking at the work later brought back a sense of the emotions I had felt whilst making the marks, but I am not sure other people would know what I was feeling just by looking -without being told.  The exercise has taught me that choice of medium for a drawing might be influenced by more than just the finished aesthetic affect- the “feel” of the marks, and the medium’s ability to express what the body is feeling as the marks are made, might be as, or even more, important.