Assignment 5- (d) Artist’s Statement

Title: To explore the potential for a loose, energetic drawing of Latchford Locks using expressive lines, deep tones and without fear of “going outside the lines”.  

My chosen option is to tackle the outdoors, and to select a subject that enables me to test my ability to work in a more energetic, relaxed style than is my usual safe approach. I have been drawn to a number of artist’s work to inform the direction I might take in this.  I have been repeatedly attracted to energetic, monochromatic drawings; often by artists using charcoal and similarly relaxed-style media.

The drawings of Dennis Creffield and Leon Kossoff have particularly caught my attention in this regard. They both create images imbued with vitality, rawness and a definite sense of place, through the use of energetic, expressive lines, deep tones and without fear of “going outside the lines”! This led me to think of which architectural subjects I could tackle.

In choosing what to draw, I spent some time considering my options, and explored the possibility of looking at various wrought iron bridges over the Manchester ship canal as my subject.   Whilst visiting these locations I found myself looking in closer detail at parts of one of the locks and its surrounding buildings. I was drawn to the heavy industrial engineering of the lock-gates; the rusty iron, oily chains, overgrown weeds and cracked wooden plinths, and how they were reflected in the canal-water. There is a weight and solidity to the structures, which, although engineered, I hope could be portrayed loosely and  energetically.

I am mindful of the need to try to use expressive mark-making in this piece, whilst also being sensitive to tonal variation. The lock-gate structure is almost sculptural, providing the opportunity to try to depict a strong sense of 3-dimensional form through tonal variation as well as using vigorous marks to depict angles and shapes.  I considered taking this further into a more abstract piece, but decided I might lose my way and lose the feel of the subject. I am struck by how both Kossoff and Creffield deviate from literal visual accuracy, yet still recognisably depict their subject.

It is important to me to explore the creation of a visual energy in this final drawing. Although the lock-gates are essentially static, they also convey the inherent significance of the canal’s history, function and solidity that are both poignant and constantly shifting. I am aiming for a drawing that is more representational of the “place” than an accurate depiction of the engineering structure itself . Since my “go-to” style tends to be fairly restrained, detailed and realistic I hope to be able to “let go” and allow a sense of the subject to speak through the final piece.  To concentrate more of the absence of details and exaggerate form without outline- overlapping lines with physical and gestural lines, marks and blocks of tone.

I heard someone say

if you are not taking risks you are not being creative……

During the development of this piece I will experiment using various media to explore how much freedom I can achieve through their use. The final work will be on A1 size paper to challenge myself working in large format, and on the image as a whole, rather than as a sum of its parts, without being afraid to leave areas of the paper blank or with minimal detail.  I hope to create an expressive final drawing.





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