Research Point- Energy in drawings

Richard Hambleton is the forgotten father of street art.  His pictures have a sense of energy depicting rapid motion and movement.  See the link and also the image below in which you can almost taste the heat and dust as the horse gallops and bucks with the frantic rider on its back.   The sense of movement comes from the way the paint has been applied in  frantic brush strokes.

movement Richard-Hambleton-Valmorbida-Phillips-AM-04

I also loved the picture below of a ballet dancer by Degas, which is much more still, but which still evokes a sense of movement.  The repeated position of the leg help to create a sense of movement, as well as the repeated lines behind the dancer’s back and above her back leg.  The outline is not static even though there is definitely a sense of care in the way it is drawn.

movement edgar-degas-danseuse-c3a0-la-barre-dancer-at-the-barre-c-18801

The pencil drawing New Balance Sneakers vs KFC Bucket by David Haines also depicts a sense of movement.  (http://www.davidhaines. org/work02.html)   I think this is because it is depicted like a freeze frame in a film, where the viewer knows there is a before and after moment!  It is clear that there is forward momentum in the objects flying through the air.  The centre of gravity of the man in the middle is unbalanced and you get the sense that if the bullies let go he might fall!!  The actual style of the drawing is very restrained -the artist has focused on creating a very detailed rendition of the scene, but it still creates a sense of movement. The drawing is slow and careful.



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