The artist and the sea. Edinburgh art centre.

I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit the Edinburgh Art Centre at the weekend, where there was an exhibition entitled the artist and the sea. I was interested to see this as I wanted to relate it to some of the tree and cloud work we did in part three, as I realise all these subjects can be expressed in a myriad of ways.

What struck me was the variety of both subject and styles  exhibited; from abstract to large figurative paintings.  The sense of the sea was expressed in a variety of manners; Through portraits of fishermen, collages of shipbuilders, abstract waves, and raditiona/ contemporary coastal scenes.

There were two pictures that stood out for me from the perspective of my interest in drawing.  The first is “Back from the Gulf, HMS Brecon in Dry Dock, Leith” by Douglas Grey (1988).  It is an etching on paper but I was struck by the looseness on his depiction of such a large detailed subject. He noted that he could respond to the scene on a personal level as many of his male relatives had worked in the shipyards.  Both the boat and the figure at its prow cast a sense of loneliness.


The next picture is “The Perimeter Road, Leith Docks” by Kate Downie (1985).  Ink, watercolour and acrylic.  I really like the honesty of this image- I can almost smell the salty air around the loosely drawn flotsam in the foreground.  It is not a romantic image of  the coastline, but one I can relate to- industrialisation, the man made coastal road, rubbish!IMG_1104


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