Part Three, Project 5, Exercise 4 -Statues

Statue drawings can become a source of inspiration for further pieces as well as being completed drawings in their own right.  Decide what interests you about the particular statue. You could focus on silhouette, tone and negative shapes. Alternatively you could look at the textures created by erosion and lichens. Look at the play of light on the statue created by the other objects nearby or draw the statue in context – what’s beside, behind or in front.  Consider how you can make your drawings more interesting by adjusting your viewpoint. 


I visited Warrington Cemetery and spent an afternoon drawing statues.  I tried various media (pencils, charcoal and pen and ink).


I was pleased with the drawing of the praying angel as I thought that looking down on it from behind, was a less obvious perspective, which gave a sense of narrative.  It was actually placed next to a grave but I did not draw that in.


I did the cherubs as a deliberately loose pencil sketch to loosen myself up and try avoid getting bogged down by trying to capture minute details. (It helped that it was cold so I was less inclined to linger!)


I felt that the pencil sketch of Mary was in contrast very flat and stilted.  Also quite inaccurate as she was not that wide!  It is recognisable but has no soul!  Maybe context might have helped?


I worked the pen and ink sketch up with an ink wash which generated an enhanced sense of form that the initial sketch lacked.  It was standing in front of a large tree and the dark background also helps to bring the figure forward.










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