Part Three, Project 5, Exercise 2 -Study of a townscape using line

Use two sketchbook pages to make a preliminary drawing of this study. Establish the primary focus and any other shapes and objects you think necessary to make this drawing interesting and unexpected. Make notes about the weather conditions and how they affect your approach to the drawing and establish the general mood. Decide what sort of marks fit the mood and shapes of this study. Find the centre point of your paper and relate this to the focal point of your preliminary drawings; decide on the foreground, middle ground and background. Complete the study in pen and ink or a black drawing pen or fine brush pen.


I was finding with this project that I kept being side tracked by different views and wanting to try different things.  I visited Stratford upon Avon and did some sketches of Shakespeare’s birthplace in charcoal. I have included these here because they are line drawings, even though they aren’t exactly what was asked for!  The first one gives quite a good sense of place- helped by the figure walking by with an umbrella.  It was a dreary wet day with wet pavements (I could have made this more obvious!)

Shakespeare’s birthplace- charcoal A2 cartridge paper

I did a similar sketch trying to loosen up and be less concerned about accuracy.  It creates a completely different feel but is obviously less recognisable(?), although as a quick sketch of a 16th century building it does work.IMG_0973

I tried a quick sketch of a village pub, trying not to get bogged down with detail- focusing on the main shapes and tonal structure.


Finally I focused non this two page drawing on the canal in the centre of the village.  The view is fairly iconic here and has been drawn and photographed in multiple ways.  I decided to centre my composition on the bridge rather than the house, which then brought the railings and the pub wall into the foreground at interesting angles/ perspective.  I was very pleased with the sketchbook line drawing (Ink with indian ink wash)IMG_1003

The initial sketchbook drawing provided a lot of information (and experience) of the scene for when I worked it up to a larger final piece.  I decided to try A1 cartridge paper, but was disappointed that what appeared loose and fresh in the sketchbook just seemed to look a bit wrong and overworked on the final piece.  I homed into the bridge more in the final piece and included the front end of a canal boat that had moored up.  I thought this successfully gave a greater sense of depth.  However, I should have kept the objects under the bridge lighter/ more hazy, to emphasise depth further.  I used additional media to develop the picture from a basic line drawing, which I felt would look too sparse on such a large piece of paper.  I used brush pen, water colour, pastels, dip pen and ink.  I am not all that pleased with the outcome and think that I would have had more success on smaller paper.




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