Reflections on Report for Assignment 2

The summary and key points of the report read as follows:

  • Don’t forget your strength of using expressive media and being more gestural as you have shown previously.
  • Be careful not to be too pictorial all the time.
  • Use your sketchbook much more and the main concern is that there is not enough work for each part. As well as doing work in your sketchbook, do larger pieces, which use the whole space of the surface sufficiently. You are starting to understand the technicalities of the fundamental elements of form in this submission. Keep practicing this.
  • Do more attempts of the exercises, techniques and mark making works so you can push a more personal style. Be more expressive and not so pictorial to give a sense of mood and narrative to captivate the viewer. Combine successful techniques to make for more mix media works.
  • Don’t forget the suggestions from your pervious report in terms of being more expressive and fluid. At the moment you have a variety of techniques, which you are not always pursuing. Be more focused on your style and your strengths.
  • Look back at your sketchbook and enlarge the more expressive works so they are more gestural.

There is a lot in the report that really made me think.  I have been torn between my natural tendency to draw accurate pictorial representations of a subject (which can be lazy in terms of using my imagination or investigative skills) and being more experimental.  I had not really understood what the course wanted from us, but think this feedback represents a step forwards for me in this.  I realise now that experimenting and working through ideas in both my sketchbook and as larger pieces helps me to develop and explore my own direction and voice.  In the feedback about loosening up- I realise that my work is so much more fluid in all my prep work and then I tense up for the final drawing.

My tutor has suggested I experiment more with Frottage as this will help me to loosen up and be more expressive.  She also pointed out that abstraction helps you to see the world differently;  I really like that idea and can see it will be fun to explore this further.

I suppose I had thought I should know my personal style by now, but realise that this will only come by experimenting as much as possible and seeing what pattern reveals itself as my way of progressing.

I looked at the Henry Moore Sketches as suggested and realised how much I rely on line/outline in my drawings.    I need to try to avoid this and learn to see negative shapes, tonal variation and texture….

Things I had not been doing that I want to develop from now on:

  • Gestural drawings
  • loosening up-  expressive drawings  (Trying Frottage)
  • Developing work for each exercise further to a larger final piece wherever possible
  • Less pictorial- thinking more expressively to give a sense of mood and narrative to captivate the viewer.
  • Focus on my strengths and successes.

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