Part Three, Project 4, Exercise 2 -Two-Point or Angular perspective

Make a line drawing of a building or several buildings seen corner-on. If this isn’t possible, arrange a group of books on a table with the books all seen corner-on. The books should be different sizes, with some placed on top of others.  Use every possible vertical or horizontal reference to ensure that receding lines are drawn at the correct angles. If you’re drawing buildings remember that the vertical corner of the building itself is an excellent reference.  When you’ve drawn the objects as accurately as possible, draw in your eye level and extend receding lines to it. If you’ve drawn buildings outdoors you’ll want to do this part of the exercise afterwards at home. All parallel lines should meet on your eye level but, in this drawing, you’ll have many vanishing points and you’ll discover that most of them will be off your paper.

For this exercise I drew the outside of the rather salubrious ballet school attended by my daughter.  It is in a rather tatty warehouse on an industrial estate and I was probably sitting too close, but it was the only space in the car park!



In actual fact when I used a smaller printout of the drawing and extended the parallel lines to their vanishing points they were higher than my eye level.

I need to repeat this exercise positioned a greater distance from the building!

I chose to use a view of our village street, receding into the distance. I carefully measured and created this pencil drawing, which I think is a fair accurate representation of the scene.  It is on quite an acute angle to it forced detail to fade as the houses recede.  I tried to give a sense of place by including at the block paved roadway and wet pavements.


Ares that do not work so well are the window on the far left and the planted area to the right.  I was pleased with the shading and the sense of perspective.

I thought I would also include a guide iPad sketch of an old working mans club:  I was pleased with the perspective and looseness of the drawing:


The course book asks us to check the accuracy of this drawing by Sir Moorhead Bone:  

I did a quick copy of his drawing- which unfortunately came out rather wider than his picture.  However, I assumed most of the general perspective was close to that of the original and checked this with a ruler.  There seem to be either two vanishing points or one vanishing point somewhere on the next page of the sketchbook.


I compared the perspective of my sketch with the original, which probably indicates I have cut my lines short- they should probably cross on the next page as suspected.  However, my sketch is not as accurate as the original wherever I decide the vanishing point(s) is……  What a lovely drawing- and an even more fabulous name!!



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