Part Two, Project 6, Exercise 1-Quick sketches around the house

Take your sketchbook  with a selection of drawing media. Aim to work your way around most rooms around your house over several sessions.   In each room make four quick sketches, turning 45 degrees after each one to face another area of the room. You’ll find that looking into corners works best.  Make fast visual notes without getting involved in detail. Try to work without preconceptions. Observe, note and reflect. Your drawing approach is up to you. Some drawings may contain few marks, some will be simple line drawings, some may have elements of tonal analysis. Don’t worry if some of your drawings appear childish or scribbled or wrong in some way. Keep moving on but notice and note down any errors in observation or execution.

I have numbered the sketches (1-8) for ease of discussion below:

  1.  .IMG_0595

2.   P1020142

3.  P1020140

4.  IMG_0600

5.   IMG_0599

6.   IMG_0598

7.   IMG_0597

8.   IMG_0596

I didn’t develop each room quite as much as the exercise required, mainly as I was pressed for time in order to meet the course deadline.  However, I hope I selected sufficient interesting angles and views to have benefited from the exercise.  We live in quite a large house, so I had to be selective, or I would have been sketching for a long time!!

Some areas were difficult and frustrating to work on.  Mainly the more straightforward and boring ones. For example  I didn’t enjoy 1&6, which looked interesting before I started, but as line drawings they ended up being quite boring both to do and to look at.

However, other sketches attracted my interest and I found myself being drawn in as I tackled them.  I really enjoyed nos. 3&4.  The top of no8 was also interesting but very tricky, due to a rounded plasterwork ceiling and stairs.  In some of the these pictures I could not resist adding some level of shading because just the contour sketch was unsatisfying to me.   I enjoyed using charcoal pencil because it encouraged me to be quick and ignore detail and I felt quite free ( e.g. no3).

Picture 2 was an added bonus, done whilst having breakfast in the local pub.  The view was complex with table settings and different rooms leading away from me.  I would have loved to have had time to develop this to an ink drawing or ink and wash.  I was very pleased with the perspectives etc that I captured however.

picture 7 was done whilst stuck in the car waiting for my daughter to finish her gymnastics class.  I know it isn’t an interior but I enjoyed playing around with the perspective and trying out using ink.



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