Part Two, Project 4, Exercise 3- Experiment with mixed media

Experiment using both traditional art tools and ‘non-art’ media. Use wax crayons, ballpoints, highlighters and fat marker pens together with pencils, dipping pens and oriental brush pens (and so on). Think again about your support; perhaps use a coloured wash and/or collaged, textured surface.

I decided to draw my daughter’s guitar -mainly because I had found a really interesting picture in a travel magazine of a Blues musician that I wanted to use as the support, so I was prompted to think about music and how I could  link the picture and my drawing together.  I did a couple of sketches to explore both  the  composition, and ideas for mixing media.  I wanted to explore how I could use the found paper to create an abstract drawing with some of the background picture showing through.

In the first sketch below the result is flat and uninteresting- it has no soul!!  In the second sketch below I used marker pens and watercolour pencils and overlaid it with white acrylic- I felt I was onto something….

IMG_0460 IMG_0459

Mixed Media on found paper (approx A4)  I started by creating an interesting white acrylic wash over the found paper background, encouraging drips and different depths of the white colour to occur.  Then I overlaid with colour pencils, Derwent Intense pencils (painted in with a water wash) and felt tips.



I really enjoyed this exercise and became very involved with the drawing and the subject.  I enjoyed the fact that it was not trying to be a realistic drawing of a complete guitar and I felt very free to experiment with media and style.  I wanted the viewer to know it was a guitar without detailing the whole thing.  I focused in on the centre of the instrument with details of the guitar’s decoration but put a lot less detail around the edges of the drawing.. I had wanted to let the background picture to shine through my drawing a bit more but I think I got a bit carried away and overlaid it a bit more thickly than intended.  I hope the subject matter of the found paper is evident?

The strings look a bit too far to the right- but this was how it actually looked, as the guitar was slightly twisted to the right.

I really like the visual effect I achieved and felt that the creative elements from how the different media and colours were used emerged naturally as the picture developed.  I did not have an end product in mind during the drawing process.

If I were to do this exercise again I might aim for an even  more abstract subject with more of the background showing through the picture.


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