Part Two; Project 1; Exercise 1 Compositional Sketches of Man-Made Objects (p37)

I decided to use Lego to investigate compositional sketches of  man-made objects.  I was interested in the repetitive nature of the bricks and in the light and shadow and negative space around them.  I had envisaged creating piles of bricks but in the event it wasn’t very practical as the bricks would not stay piled up and kept slipping off.  I felt that whatever arrangement I made with them they always looked natural- as if a child had left them randomly arranged after playing with them

I drew a few sketches of various arrangements in my sketchbook, using different arrangements and trying a few different media..



I used colour pencils for my final A4 sketchbook sketch, which turned into a fairly detailed drawing. I liked the use of colours, layering different colours on top of each other, creating the smooth texture, form and shadow on and between each brick. I added some vibrancy with contrasting colours at the end which I really enjoyed (particularly purples, blues and greens in the shadows)


For my “final” sketch of lego I used oil pastels on A4 cartridge paper, thinking I could do the same as the colour pencil sketch but looser.  I probably did the picture too small- in spite of the crayons being thicker and clumsier I still drew the picture on A4! I didn’t like the finish and felt that instead of being looser it became messier (and annoying).  However, I liked the colours and layering similarly to the colour pencil drawing.  In both cases the colourful plastic finish of the brick encouraged the use of bold, bright, fun colours.  I deliberately chose to use bricks of one colour (with the addition of one lime green one for the pencil drawing above) as I liked the repetitive nature of the picture, allowing the eye to linger on shape, shadows and texture rather than confusing the simplicity of the image with different colour bricks.


Ink and acrylic on A2 cartridge paper:  I was interested in researching the work of Patrick Caulfield.   I thought it would be interesting to exaggerate the intensity of light and shade on the lego bricks to see if the final image had form or looked flat?  I spent some time trying to find an intense background colour to contrast the black image.  In spite of removing as much detail as possible the final picture still had a sense of 3D form, as if white bricks were under an intensely strong light.




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