Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964)

I was interested to look at Giorgio Morandi’s drawings/ etchings, having completed the section on using marks to create shade and tone in part one (p24).  I am fascinated by the range of tone he creates using just lines/ hatching/ cross-hatching and how he effectively creates the illusion of form through careful depiction of shadow.

morandi still life five objects

 ‘A bottle that is not part of the secret society cranes its neck to hear’  The Guardian 

Still Life with Five Objects, 1956 by Giorgio Morandi  – Etching  

Up close, the entire image is composed of detailed cross-hatchings  at complex angles building up in meshes and weaves.  Tone and light is suggested through infinitely small variations in the direction and spacing of the crosshatchings.


Giorgio Morandi -1934: Still Life with Coffee Pot

In Still Life with Coffee Pot, Morandi’s still life is composed entirely of black lines on white paper; yet, no single line is used to define the contour of any of the depicted objects. Instead, using lines to create areas of tone, the play of light over the ceramic, glass, and metal surfaces of the containers on the table is captured.


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