Odilon Redon

Drawing entitled Pegasus and Bellerophon (1880) by Odilon REDON (1840-1916) in charcoal, charcoal with water wash, white chalk and highlighting by eraser.  Conte crayon accounts for the darkest blacks in the drawing.     http://www.metmuseum.org/collection/the-collection-online/search/459400

As suggested in the course notes I looked for work by Odilon Redon that harnesses the atmospheric potential of tone.  This beautiful drawing uses a range of tone from dense black through to white highlights.  There are parts of the horse which are so dark they are purely implied and the areas that do contain detail encourage your mind’s eye to fill in the gaps.  The light areas lift the picture all the more for the rest being quite dark and the generally deep tones suggest a feeling of solemnity, moodiness and tension between man and horse.

The image of Pegasus suggests a contained energy and movement- implied by the faint after images at his rear.  Similarly the shape of the man is in places only implied, his right leg almost disappears into shadow and apart from a sketched outline in places he almost disappears into the side of the horse.

As in the drawing of Two Trees in the course notes, this  drawing contains blocks of dark charcoal in sharp contrast to small light areas, with smaller details pulling the story/image together.


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