Jan Hardisty

I was interested to look at some more work by jan Hardisty having seen his picture in the course notes.  I was interested in his fascination with light and shadow as a photographer.  I was struck by a comment he made during a YouTube clip I found titled Jan Hardisty: “An Introduction” artist or photographer.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1xxh0ACAR8) in which he says that he is often asked whether a picture is a photograph or a sketch, and that he “tries to create a tension between both the pull of the art and the pull of the recording of the camera”. 

He also commented that he spends a lot of time setting up a picture and that the viewer of the final image sees what he saw.  He does not manipulate the images afterwards and uses only natural daylight for effect- although he may mask out the light if required.

In his images of folded paper he has a self-imposed rule to only fold paper once to give the impression of 3D without actually building a model.  I was struck how, just as in the drawing exercises in part one, project 2, the sense of the 3D image in his photographs is constructed through areas of shadow and gradation in tone.



Jan Hardisty Shadowplay (2012)


Jan Hardisty (2013) Folded Paper Series


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